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For her book series counterpart, see Mrs Oddbod.

Cynthia Oddbod (aka Miss Oddbod) is the headmistress of Ashton Primary School. Despite this title, she is somewhat kinder to Horrid Henry than Miss Battle-Axe. She admires Perfect Peter's behavior a lot and he is her favorite student along with the Best Boys.

She was the 'time capsule thief' who dug up time capsules from the school grounds at night in the episode Horrid Henry's Time Capsule. Horrid Henry almost always gets sent to her office every day, and she tells Henry in Horrid Henry Computer Whizz that her office is like his second home.

Emma Tate voices her.


Physical appearance

Miss Oddbod appears to have light brown coloured hair in a ponytail and pale skin.


She wears a purple-blue dress, stockings, and blue high-heels. She also wears glasses below her eyes.


She is generally good-natured. However, Miss Oddbod can be quite strict sometimes, but is very fair and believes in second chances. She is shown to have been the Time capsule thief in Horrid Henry's Time Capsule, stealing the objects thrown in the time capsules keeping the things in her attic, as a way of remembering each and every student who studies at her school, not wanting to forget them.


  • Her first name is revealed in the episode Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster: Cynthia.
  • She has a kitten called Tiddles.
  • Her first letters in her nickname are different: Cynthia Oddbod.
  • She is married in the books, known as Mrs Oddbod, but seemingly unmarried in the TV series.
  • In the movie, she appears to be meaner and more strict than in the show.


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