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Margaret in Horrid Henry: The Movie

Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe or Moody Margaret is a character in the Horrid Henry books and TV Series. She is best known as Horrid Henry's classmate. Margaret forms the Secret Club in her back garden, in which consists of her friends, such as Sour Susan, Singing Soraya, Gorgeous Gurinder, and Lazy Linda, this club often rivals with Henry's Purple Hand Gang, with her and Henry living next door to each other. Margaret lives with her parents and no siblings have been mentioned, it’s shown that she‘s an only child. Henry is her next-door neighbor. She sometimes calls him Bogey Brain and other names just like Henry.

Margaret might have a crush on Henry, although it is unknown because in the episode "Horrid Henry Gets Married" Henry bumps his head and sees a vision of the future, he is engaged to Margaret. Also in Perfect Peter's Revenge when she thinks Henry loves her, Margaret puts on make up and wants him to admit it. In " Horrid Henry's School Play" when Henry was supposed to kiss her, she was not hesitant about it at all unlike Henry and went in for it.  

It’s implied that Margaret has a secret crush on Henry.  

She does call Peter a worm sometimes but otherwise she’s very nice to him and protects him if he has trouble sticking up for himself against Henry in Horrid Henry On Trial.  

Margaret and Susan are always hanging out together and Margaret uses Susan as Susan mimics her all the time. But Margaret thinks she’s loyal and she’s a good friend.  


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