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'I'll get you, Henry!' - Moody Margaret

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Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe (more commonly known as Moody Margaret) is Horrid Henry's neighbour and arch enemy. She is the main antagonist / anti-heroine of the Horrid Henry franchise. Margaret forms the Secret Club in her back garden, and this club often rivals with the Purple Hand Gang with her and Henry living next door to each other. Henry steals her treats in Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats, and Margaret responding by bawling back, 'I'll get you, Henry!' as seen in the quote at the top. Behaviour Rating 5.

In the TV Series, Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices her. She can scream if she does not get her way. This has happened in Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats when she screams after she sees Henry stealing her treats and also in Moody Margaret Moves In, she screams so loud after Henry kicks her toys downstairs. The effect of her screaming in this episode was that it broke the glass, made shelves collapse and make the light shatter. If you ever hear Margaret and Henry screaming at the same time, you can only hear Margaret. She is seemingly sociopathic.

Moody Margaret sits next to Jolly Josh in class.


Physical appearance

Margaret appears to have pale skin, a pointy nose, rosy cheeks, and long red hair tied into a spiky ponytail with a lavender, or if she's doing ballet pink scrunchies. Margaret is also very skinny.


She wears a green cardigan with a white and lavender striped shirt underneath, a dark green skirt, frilly light lavender socks, and pink toe cap lace-up boots.


Margaret is very rude and likes to call Henry names like Bogey Brain or slug snot. She becomes very angry in Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats when Henry steals her treats, and she yells, 'My treats! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I'll get you, Henry!'. Her parents spoil her, and let her do anything she wants. She is very, very ungratefulful, Like Stuck-Up Steve. Despite being a bit of a bully, Margaret is friends with most of the girls in her class, and is the Queen Bee of the school. Margaret is also very vain. She frequently fusses over her appearance and always tries to outshine her friends in fashion and toys. Margaret is also quite athletic and loves to play football. Margaret is not shown to do particularly well in school, and Boudicca Battle-Axe appears to not have much faith in her. However, Margaret is very cunning and calculating. All of her bad traits may stem from her being insecure, as hinted in the episode How to be Horrid.


Margaret lives with her Mum and Dad, and no siblings have been mentioned, and as a result, it appears that she's an only child.


Sour Susan

Margaret and Susan are always hanging out together and Margaret uses Susan as Susan mimics her all the time. But Margaret thinks she's loyal and she's a good friend. Sometimes, Susan can backchat Margaret.

Horrid Henry

Margaret is best known as Horrid Henry's classmate and sworn arch-enemy, as well as his next-door neighbour. She sometimes calls him Bogey Brain and other names. Margaret likely develops a crush on Henry in Series 4, although it is unknown because in the episode Horrid Henry Gets Married, Henry bumps his head and sees a vision of the future, and he is engaged to Margaret. Also, in Perfect Peter's Revenge when she thinks Henry loves her, Margaret puts on make-up and wants him to admit it. In Horrid Henry's School Play when Henry was supposed to kiss her, she was not hesitant about it at all unlike Henry and went in for in. In Horrid Henry's Movie Moments, it appears that she told him to hold his hands to get out of Our Lady Giddiantus School, and in Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone, she begs him to add her to his contact.

Perfect Peter

She does call Peter a 'worm' sometimes, but otherwise, she is very nice to him and protects him if he has trouble sticking up for himself against Henry in Horrid Henry on Trial.

Stuck-Up Steve

Margaret and Stuck-Up Steve have rich guardians, but Steve's mother Rich Aunt Ruby is much richer than Margaret's parents. However, a difference between them in terms of wealth is that Margaret is ungrateful of what she has most of the time, and doesn't seem to realise how much her parents spoil her, while Steve understands his mother is rich, and seems to appreciate her, though he is very snobby and spoiled. They used to be friends as they were Henry's enemies, but in Series 5, their friendship ends as Steve makes fun of Henry's school during competitions, which Margaret attends. She may also have a romantic interest in Stuck-Up Steve.

Bossy Bill

Margaret meets Bossy Bill in Horrid Henry Tells the Truth and figures out that Bill and Henry are enemies as he was willing to help Margaret write those bad things about Henry. Margaret was also there when Perfect Peter had beaten up Bossy Bill in Perfect Peter Pumps Up and was hiding behind tables and chairs like everyone else, as they were scared of Peter's transformation. However, she didn't seem to know Bill in the early series, and as a result, didn't say anything about the situation.


  • She was originally going to be a boy called Moody Martin, but Francesca Simon's husband didn't approve, believing that the character was too much like Horrid Henry, and therefore, Martin became a girl called Margaret.
  • Perfect Peter mentioned her catchphrase in Horrid Henry's Top Ten Things.
  • In some Series 1 episodes, her hair is darker. A usual error on her in some episodes is the back of her hair missing.
  • Despite being very good at ballet and football, she is not that good at gymnastics. As seen in Horrid Henry and the Secret Club, she went down at the same time as Henry (a very short amount of time).
  • Her full name is revealed in Horrid Henry, Rockstar! (Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe).
  • Margaret loves pink more than anyone else in the series, shown in many of the episodes that she has a major role.
  • It was revealed in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Brain Sleepover that she is a fan of the Killer Boy Rats.
  • Moody Margaret is a fan of TV shows Gross Class Zero and Boodle Poodles.


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