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🔀 This is the page for Margaret's book counterpart, click here for her TV series counterpart.

Moody Margaret is Horrid Henry's next-door neighbour and arch-enemy. She is also the leader of The Secret Club.


Physical Appearance

Margaret has brown hair, pale skin, a pointy nose, a pointy chin and rosy cheeks. She is 4 foot 10 inches tall.


She wears an indigo jacket with a purple and pink striped shirt beneath, and a purple skirt.


Described by Henry as a moody old grouch, Margaret is very bossy and domineering. She wants everything her own way, and has a tendency to scream if she does not get what she wants, as shown in Moody Margaret Moves In, when Mum refuses to serve her breakfast at 6am.


  • Margaret was originally going to be a boy called Moody Martin, but Francesca Simon's husband didn't approve, believing that the character was too much like Horrid Henry, and therefore, Martin became a girl called Margaret.
  • It is said that no-one can scream as loud, as long, or as piercingly as Moody Margaret.