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7 March 2015
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Lucinda Whiteley

Moody Margaret for President is the twenty-seventh episode in Series 4 and the 183rd episode overall.


Margaret decides that the only way to get things done the way she likes them is to become the President.


The episode begins with Margaret, her mum, and her dad watching the news. Margaret says, 'Oh, for goodness sake, can't they get it right?', but her dad said that it's not easy running a country. Margaret said that she can do it, standing on her head. Margaret's mum tries to say, 'Well dear...', but Margaret interrupts her by saying, 'Don't you 'well dear' me. I can do it and that's that.'. Margaret's dad says, 'Yes dear...', but Margaret also interrupts him by saying, 'Don't you 'yes dear' me either!'. Margaret then turns off the TV and says, 'That's enough of that.'. Margaret's mum tells her where is she going, and Margaret says that she's going to get elected as President of the Free World, making her mum scream, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

In her room, Margaret says to the audience, 'Did you know that there has never ever been a female President of the Free World?' and tells that if you're watching this episode that might not still be true, and she writes a note on the phone. Margaret needs a campaign manager and gets an email from herself.

At school, Henry plays an arm wrestle with Weepy William, but Henry wins the arm wrestle challenge. William cries and tells him he wins. Miss Battle-Axe enters the school and tells them to sit on their seats. Margaret tells Miss Battle-Axe she's going to get herself elected as President of the Free World, and thinks that's a bad idea. But Miss Battle-Axe says that is a good idea, and that Margaret isn't an American citizen. Margaret can speak American by saying, 'Y'all.'. Miss Battle-Axe tells Margaret that she can nominate her. Margaret gives a compliment to her. Brainy Brian writes a note on his book, and then Miss Battle-Axe says that Margaret needs to make history. Henry raises his arm to be Margaret's campaign manager, but Miss Battle-Axe says that this moment will go down in history. Everyone says, 'Margaret for President!', confusing the other teachers.

Peter comes in his room and says to Henry, 'Is it true that you're going to be Margaret's campaign manager?'. Henry replies with, 'Yes.', but Peter tells him why. Henry tells Peter to think about it and that Margaret's getting elected, and she is out of his life forever. Peter tells Henry that can he make the campaign video, and then, Henry tells that he can. Henry says goodnight to Peter after Peter says goodnight to him.

The next morning, Henry yawns, sees the kids chatter, and says, 'Time to get to work.'. Margaret tells the kids that they're working for her, but Henry tells her why are they all doing exactly. Then he goes to Margaret's treehouse to meet Brian and Aerobic Al. Brian has done some research on what is getting elected. It requires personal sacrifices like being nice to people, making speeches, kissing babies, and money. Margaret points to her dad and says, 'My dad. He'll take care of it.'. They'll need endorsements from powerful people. Gurinder and Soraya enter Margaret's treehouse while Henry tells Henry who's going to ask a question, but he says that he can try Miss Battle-Axe. Margaret says that she is ready for her close up now. Brian asks Margaret one last question and it is: 'Do you have a special talent?'. Henry answers with, 'Like shouting, or being a beetle bonce, or playing air guitar.'. Margaret says that he's not taking it seriously, but Henry's taking it seriously, more seriously than you'll ever know. Margaret tells Henry what's that supposed to mean and tells Henry to back up his ideas. Brian says that they need a winning slogan and tells Henry that can he try to think of one.

It's time for Margaret to become President of the Free World and tells Henry to come down. Margaret tells Henry what's her slogan and says, 'It's not about what you have...', but Peter interrupts her. She then again says, 'It's not about what you have, it's about what you need. And you need me!' but Henry says, 'No it's not!', then Margaret shouts, 'No it's not what?!', then Henry says, 'It's love what you do, and do what you love.'. Margaret says that it isn't her slogan, then Henry and Margaret start an argument by saying: 'Is!' and 'Isn't!'.

Peter welcomes the Best Boys News and a world exclusive and brings you the school's one and only presidential candidate: Margaret. Everyone except Nasty Nicola cheer. Peter tells Margaret why should they vote for her. Margaret says that she's a girl, but Nicola says that she isn't the only girl round here. Peter tells Margaret to tell her about her policies, but Margaret said that she got loads. Peter says that could Margaret win, and Margaret says that everyone loves her. She throws sweets at the people, but Nicola threw an egg at Peter and Margaret throws one back to her. The people chant: 'Margaret Margaret Margaret, in in in!'.

In school, Peter says that the exit polls are looking good, Brian replies that the people want her to win, and Henry says that Margaret will be out of his life forever as he runs to the audience. Miss Battle-Axe says they have a result, and Margaret then says: 'I want to thank people who participated in this election. You made your voice heard, and you made a difference. And, as President of the Boodle Poodle Fan Club...', but Henry tells that what's the Boodle Poodle Fan Club, and Margaret continues on with: 'I shall serve the cause faithfully and truthfully.', but Brian asked her what about the free world, but Margaret says that there is plenty of time to save the free world when she's a grown up, and her people needs her here which she is staying, and everyone cheers but Henry yells, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!', ending the episode.



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