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Not to be confused with Mrs Battle-Axe, her book series counterpart.

Mother Battle-Axe is the mother of Miss Battle-Axe and her twin sister. She appears to think her daughter, Miss Battle-Axe, cheats Horrid Henry. She likes Henry and thinks he is a good boy because when she is around, Henry is as nice as pie. She makes brief appearances throughout several episodes like Horrid Henry Eats Out and Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend, but she does also appear in Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service.

It's unknown about Mr Battle-Axe (Miss Battle-Axe's father) since he has never been mentioned because it's possible he is deceased, or away from the Battle-Axe family.

She speaks with a Scottish accent (stronger than Miss Battle-Axe's), and Aidan Cook voices her.


Physical appearance

She has light grey hair, pale skin, glasses with blue lenses and black frames, and pink lipstick.


She wears a purple dress with a green belt around the waist, a necklace, and dark purple court shoes.


She is very kind to Henry, but very strict towards Miss Battle-Axe, as shown in Horrid Henry Eats Out and Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend.


  • Mother Battle-Axe owns a pet possum named Possy.


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