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Mr Nerdon is a teacher who works at Brick House School and is one of the minor antagonists in the Horrid Henry franchise. He makes his first appearance in Horrid Henry and the New Teacher.

He is mentioned in Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher, where Miss Oddbod telephoned him, but he refused to come back to Ashton Primary School.

He returns in Series 4. He makes a cameo appearance in Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat, playing chess with Wheely Walter during Mr Soggington's assembly.

He also appears in Horrid Henry Wins The Cup. He has moved to teaching at Brick House School and leads the brick house boys at the Brainbox Of The Year Competition.

Wayne Forester voices him.


Physical appearance

Mr Nerdon appears to have short, dark grey hair and pale skin.


He wears a dark blue jacket, with a white shirt underneath and a dark red tie, brown pants, and black shoes.


Mr Nerdon appears to be the toughest, meanest, nastiest, and the worst teacher in Henry's school and is very strict (stricter than Miss Battle-Axe). He also had a 'long and very nasty list of punishments' for Henry and treated the class badly like giving the entire class detentions. Students in Ashton Primary School hate him a lot. He seems to be one of the most hated teachers in the school because of how poorly he treated the students.


  • In the books, he was Henry's teacher at the start of the school year before Miss Battle-Axe, and he faints and is taken to hospital after Henry tricks him. In the TV series, he was the substitute teacher filling in for Miss Battle-Axe while she had the flu and runs away from the school. As Mr Nerdon flees, Henry and his class are all cheering.
  • His full name in the books is Ninius Nerdon.
  • As Mr Nerdon now works in Brick House School, he could possibly be Stuck-Up Steve’s, Bossy Bill’s or The Brick House Boys teacher at school (just like how Miss Battle-Axe is Horrid Henry‘s teacher)


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