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Don't be horrid, Henry!


Mum is the mother of Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter and is Dad's wife. She always tells Henry off, and hardly Peter because Henry refers to him as 'Goody-two-shoes'. She regularly says, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!' to Henry in the TV series, and 'Stop being horrid, Henry!' in the animated version. She usually sends him to his room like Dad. She does this by saying, 'Go to your room right now, Henry!'. Unlike Dad's, the series didn't reveal her first name. After what happened in Moody Margaret Moves In, she disliked Moody Margaret. She is 5 foot 10.

She works part-time as the assistant manager of a book shop owned by Mr and Mrs Mossy. Mr Mossy is her boss, but when Henry met him and Mrs Mossy, the night turned out disgraceful. Peter couldn't play his cello because Henry tampered with the chord sheet.

Everyday, usually after her sons have left for school and her husband for work, Mum gets a bus to the book shop she works at, she can drive, but the family only own one car and Dad needs to drive to work as he works in another town.

In Horrid Henry: The Movie, Siobhan Hayes plays her, and in the TV series, Tamsin Heatley voices her.


Physical appearance

Mum appears to have pale skin, long blonde hair, glasses, rosy cheeks, a pointy nose, and a pointy chin.


She wears a purple turtleneck cardigan with a pinkish shirt under it, blue sewn jeans, white and grey socks, and pink ballet pumps.


Throughout the show, Mum appears to be quite stressed and irritable most of the time. Her favourite food is Tickly Treats, and in Horrid Henry and the Tickly Treats Thief, she loses her temper when she mistakenly thinks Henry has eaten them. Mum yells at him to come downstairs for three days, although it was Fluffy's fault. Another sign of Mum losing her temper is in Horrid Henry Goes Fishing, where she yells at the other drivers because of the traffic.

Mum, along with Dad, is completely and utterly living in denial over Peter and Henry. Mum always believes Henry to be the one who does the terrible things, and never Peter. It is proven in Perfect Peter's Horrid Day when Mum tells Henry off for putting slugs in the chocolate box, and Peter says out loud, 'But, Mum! It was me!'. Mum then continues telling Henry off, and then hugs Peter and praises him afterwards.

She unfairly treats Henry most of the time, sending Henry to his room and banning him from watching TV, pocket money, loud noise, sweets, and the computer. She refers Peter to seemingly unfair names like 'sweetie pie', 'darling', 'sugar plum', 'bunny hop', 'pumpkin', 'poppet', and 'peterkins' but never calls Henry any of that. She is also slightly stricter and meaner than Dad towards Henry, and there is even an instance that in one episode, she got Dad in trouble. Another sign of harshness is in Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!, which is where she says that it was lovely for Colin the clown to make Henry disappear, much to Margaret's disgust.

Despite all of this, Mum still truly cares for Henry, such as in Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant where Henry has a nightmare and screams for her. She rushes over to him and makes sure he is alright. And she is helpful and while she does believe he is very horrid, at times she thinks Henry can be very thoughtful, like in Horrid Henry and the Uber Homework. Mum does love both her sons equally, but often shows false signs of preferring her youngest.


  • In Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!, it appeared when Colin the Clown's next trick is to make Henry disappear. Mum bravos because she wants to get rid of Henry. It shows she genuinely despises Henry.
  • Mum likes Gross Class Zero comics, indicated in Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner, where she appears reading one and telling Henry that they are perfect. This suggests that like Dad, Mum was a Gross Class Zero fan as a child.
  • She has only broken the fourth wall once, in Horrid Henry My Weird Family.
  • Her name has not been revealed in the series unlike Dad whose name was revealed to be Simon. However, several guesses as to what her name is have been named.


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