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Nicola, under the nickname of Nasty Nicola, is a new girl who joined Horrid Henry's class in Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend. She is a manipulative girl who tries to get Henry into trouble by telling him to hide behind the bins when playing hide and seek and leaving him at the end of the break, picking one of Miss Oddbod's prized petunias and telling her that Henry told her to. She also took Henry's lunchbox and put other people's food in it to make it look like he stole it. She gets suspended at the end of Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend for her behaviour. Behaviour rating: 2.5

She makes a cameo of her first appearance in Horrid Henry's Holiday when it was raining, and everyone's tent was collapsed.

She also appears to have had a small, speaking role in Horrid Henry meets B.B Silver, but she called herself Ashen Annabelle, and she was a bit smaller. This could have been a younger sister of Nicola.

By Series 4, she is back in school as her suspension most likely ended. She still appears to be mean. She has spoken a few times, and it's mostly to make negative comments about people and do nasty things like picking her nose in Horrid Henry's Marvellous Motto, hence her name.

Wayne Forester voices her.


Physical appearance

Nicola has pale skin and orange hair tied into braids with light green elastics.


She wears a green shirt, blue pants, and orange shoes.


She appears to be a nasty and mean girl who likes to dominate people. However, when around an adult, such as Miss Battle-Axe, she acts the opposite of her true personality.


  • She was originally called 'Nice Nicola' by Horrid Henry.
  • She possibly went to Our Lady Giddiantus School from Series 5.
  • It was shown that Nicola and Perfect Peter seemed to be friends after Miss Battle-Axe told them to spend time with each other on Nicola's first day after Nicola's original guide, Henry, was put in detention with his friends thanks to Nicola but then after Nicola picks the flower from Miss Oddbod’s garden and Peter tells on her for doing it in the presence of the whole school, she starts to hate him and their friendship ends.


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