New Nick

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Pupil (year 5)

New Nick is a boy who joined Henry's class as a "new" boy. He makes friends with Henry soon after he joins Henry's class and invites him to stay the night at his house. When Henry arrives, he finds the house has a lot of dogs and karaoke singers and has a thoroughly miserable evening. New Nick has been referenced a couple of times since, but it is not yet unknown as to whether he ever renews he friendship with Henry. His sister Lipsing Lily asks Henry if he will marry her. His mom is an opera singer and his dad is always dressed like a vampire. The house is constantly in shambles due to the parents' lack of care for rules. In Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson, Nick and his family were walking in the park when they saw Henry in the air landing their viking dog by accident. He wasn’t seen in Henry’s class beyond Season 2.