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A picture of Henry screaming.

Noooo!!! is Horrid Henry's trademark scream, which is used whenever something bad happens, usually him getting in trouble.

Along with 'It's not fair!', it is one of Horrid Henry's most-used catchphrases. Henry uses this catchphrase to open and close each episode and sometimes, during an episode. Whenever it happens, the camera mostly zooms into Henry's mouth. Everyone else screams: 'Noooo!!!' as well, but Henry screams it the most.

Besides Henry, other characters have screamed, 'Noooo!!!' including Perfect Peter in Horrid Henry's Christmas and Dad on at least one occasion.

Other than Noooo!!!, Henry screams other things as well. This happens in some episodes like the examples listed below.

Other than at the beginning and end of every episode, Henry screams Noooo!!! during the episode as well.


Other than the usual scream, there are other variants as well.


Sound Effects

The scream from Series 1-3

The scream from Series 3-5 (Version 1)

The scream from Series 3-5 (Version 2)


  • In an audio adaptation of Horrid Henry's Vile Vacation that was uploaded to the official channel, Henry describes it as a 'Super-Mega-Titanic-Terrific Scream of Absolute Horror'.