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'Don't call me WORM!' - Perfect Peter

Perfect Peter is Horrid Henry's younger brother and Mum and Dad's youngest son. Henry knows him as a 'smelly nappy baby', a 'worm' and a 'toad' because Henry doesn't appear to like him and his toys as he thinks they are babyish and boring. Peter is slightly spoiled by Mum and Dad (mostly Mum).

He is the deuteragonist of Series 1, the tritagonist of Series 2 and Series 3, the secondary antagonist of Series 4, an anti-hero in Series 5, and one of the two deuteragonists alongside (Moody Margaret) of Horrid Henry: The Movie. He appeared to be 6 years old until the episode Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter! when he appears to turn 7. Later series show that he appears to be 8 years old. In Series 5, the episode called The Road to Nowhere Peter seems to turn 8 years old on another birthday.

Despite being his brother, Peter is almost the polar opposite of Henry. Peter is quite mature for his age; he exhibits ideal traits such as cleanliness, neatness, good manners, and high academic powers. However, he can be quite stupid and immature, believing Henry's odd stories with barely any question. He also appears to be skilled at music, to the point when his parents often ask him to play his Cello to impress their visitors. In contrast with the Purple Hand Gang, Peter is the leader of the Best Boys Club. Perfect Peter is in Miss Lovely's class, and is her favourite student.

In Horrid Henry: The Movie, Ross Marron plays him, and in the TV series, Emma Tate voices him. Behaviour Rating 9.5. (usually), 1 (Horrid Henry's Perfect Day/Perfect Peter's Horrid Day)


Physical appearance

Peter appears to have curly blond hair, with pale skin and rosy cheeks and also has a round face. Also, he is quite short for his age.


He wears a red jumper with a white shirt underneath, grey trousers, and brown lace-up shoes.


His pyjamas are light blue with pink coloured bunnies on them.


Peter appears to be very naive, believing his brother's far fetched (and sometimes absurd) stories without question, which often leads him into trouble. He has trouble standing up for himself, and when confronted with brash individuals tend to become a doormat. He is a constant telltale, and he also enjoys showing off his perfectness when Henry gets into trouble (for example, when Mum yells at Henry to get out of bed, Peter would strut by saying, 'I'm out of bed, Mum!'). He also seems to sometimes act perfectly towards most people for praise, and despite being called 'perfect', he doesn't always seem to back that up as he can be seen acting cocky towards Henry and even calls him names behind his back. He seems to be accustomed to being praised and noticed by his parents to the point of expecting praise for the simplest deeds, such as using his knife, fork and spoon, not making a mess and 'being normal' and would get upset if Mum and Dad do not praise him. Despite his parents constant praise and attention he gets, if Peter genuinely does do a bad thing air has been caught out then Mum or Dad will tell him off if necessary. It is likely Peter feels the need to be perfect at everything and doesn't realise it's ok to make mistakes.

Peter spends his life being dominated and abused by his older brother, Henry, whom typically addresses him using derogatory names such as 'worm' or 'smelly nappy baby' and sometimes even attempts to physically assault him by transforming into an animal or a monster (though this is often, if not always, prevented by their parents). When they were younger, Henry treated his brother's birth with great disdain and truly tried to kill Peter in various ways, such as pushing him off a very steep hill or trying to mail him to China! Despite this, Peter appears to look up to his brother, often relying on him to get them out of a bad situation (that the pair are mutually involved in) and even seeks his advice from time to time. In later series, especially in Series 5, Henry has been noticeably less violent towards Peter, usually only pulling minor pranks on him. This makes Peter seem to be even more of a tattle tale than in previous series.

It is hinted that Henry correspondingly secretly feels protective of and cares for his younger brother. In Perfect Peter Pumps Up, Henry tries to toughen Peter up after being bullied and used by Bossy Bill, Henry's attempt was getting nowhere until he had an idea created by Henry snatching Peter's teddy, Bunny. When Bill made this fatal mistake, Peter had become fuelled with intense anger by Bill's action and taunting words, and when Bill kept pressing his luck, Peter then proceeded to pummel him and later use Bill as a chair in the greatest sense of irony. Henry clearly does care for his brother.

In a prequel book, it was revealed that Henry put his life on the line to save Peter from a vicious dog when they were younger. In the cartoon version, Henry denies saving him by saying that he wouldn't have cared if that dog had eaten Peter alive, which was an obvious lie. In that same episode, when Peter's life was threatened again by a falling shelf as Peter was trying to get his stuffed bunny, Henry quickly responded with a 'NO!' and shoved Peter out of the way. If Henry had not done this, Peter would be in the hospital instead of Henry.

There have also been instances when Peter used his tendency to tell on others to help Henry. When Nasty Nicola attempted to frame Henry for a series of incidents around the school, Peter joined Brainy Brian in clearing Henry's name by reporting the fact that it was she who had really done it.

One time, in Horrid Henry, Nothing But The Truth, Peter had said the catchphrase that Henry is usually known for: 'Eureka, that's it!' when coming up with a plan to expose Henry for who he truly was.

In Series 4, Peter makes more of a bigger enemy and in episodes like Horrid Henry's Comic Caper and Horrid Henry Takes the Blame and often when Henry plugs in the tablet, Peter unplugs it and Mum accuses Henry of not plugging it in. Sometimes he is a helping hand in the Purple Hand Gang. He appears to be very sensitive in Horrid Henry Gets the Blame and Horrid Henry's Comic Caper. In these two episodes, he cries so that Henry can be blamed.

In a rather negative perspective, Peter can appear as somewhat manipulative (though not as much as Margaret) such as using his behaviour and reputation to convince Mum and Dad. He has even played the victim such as crying profusely after Henry insults him mildly in Horrid Henry's Comic Caper, and later abruptly stopping, as if he was acting the whole time.

He also often tells on Henry for even the tiniest thing like not listening to a joke or lifting his fork and eating his beans, showing that he has a rather petty attitude which is emphasized in Series 4 and up.


  • He is the most abused by Henry, via his transformations and in real life Slimy Sammy, Perfect Peter, Miss Battle-Axe, and Mrs Crunch are the only other characters besides Henry who have transformed.
  • In one episode, Perfect Peter Pumps Up, he transforms by growing and gaining physical strength after Bossy Bill teases Bunny and Peter attacks him to give it back.
  • Peter does seem to be selective with the older kids that call him a worm and sometimes teams up and works with Margaret against Henry. Also he worked with Steve for the Brainbox of the year competition (where at first Peter didn't want to work with Henry since he annoyed him but surprisingly Peter gave Steve the wrong answer purposely to let Henry's and his own school win). But most of the time Peter works and teams up with Henry (his older brother) against Henry's enemies.
  • There are rare occasions where he gets punished whether it was Henry who has caused him to get into trouble or not. To see the list of moments where he gets punished, click here.
    • He gets detention four times at school.
  • Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut was the episode that marked Peter's first absence unless you count Horrid Henry's School Play, in which he only appeared in a flashback at the start of the episode and had no dialogue. Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut is still one of his only absences. He also doesn't appear in Horrid Henry: Bogus Babysitter, Horrid Henry, Rocking the World, Horrid Henry, Money Talks, Horrid Henry Delivers a Message, Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone and Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist. However, he is mentioned in Horrid Henry: Bogus Babysitter, Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone and indirectly in Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist. He was also only seen via a picture on Steve's phone in Horrid Henry Wins the Cup.
  • He has a total of 6 episodes with his name being on the title card rather than Henry being: Perfect Peter's Horrid Day, Perfect Peter's Revenge, Perfect Peter's Pen Pal, Perfect Peter Pumps Up, Perfect Peter, Popstar, and Perfect Peter's Perfect Day.
  • In the early series, he seems to like Stuck-Up Steve, but Steve sometimes calls him a 'worm' and picks on him with Henry. Peter hates that, and then Peter starts to lose interest in Steve. However, he certainly likes Rich Aunt Ruby. In the later series, Peter and Henry work (as a team) to beat Stuck-Up Steve as Peter and Henry's friendship gets closer.
  • Peter tends to be friends with everyone in his class as he mentions in Horrid Henry, Nothing But The Truth, as he makes nice names of them. This shows that he is one of the popular guys in school.
  • It is revealed that Peter has a dislike on Miss Battle-Axe since she gives him detentions for mostly meaningless reasons like in Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff when him and Henry sells perfume and made money which Miss Oddbod was okay about, Miss Battle Axe confiscated the perfumes which Peter made and used them without paying.


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