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15 December 2006 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Allan Plenderleith

Perfect Peter's Horrid Day (episode) is the twenty-first episode in Series 1 and the 21st episode overall.


Tired of being ignored for his good behaviour, Peter decides to try and be horrid like Henry. He tries a variety of different things, but they all fail because he still doesn't get noticed as Henry still gets blamed for everything.


The episode starts with Henry and his family eating soup, although Henry used his tongue and Mum tells him to eat it properly. Peter says he's doing it properly, then Henry used a straw and slurped the soup, and Dad told him to use his spoon. Peter says he's using his own, but then Henry sneezed and spat soup on Peter. Mum tells him off, but Peter didn't do it.

Henry takes out a piece of bread and throws on Peter's head, but Dad tells him not to do that. While Mum, Dad and Peter were in the kitchen, Henry grabs a balloon. He puts it in the chicken and blows it up. Mum and Dad were discussing having a normal Sunday dinner, and Peter says he's being normal.

Dad cuts the chicken, but it exploded all over the family, then Mum and Dad chased after Henry. Peter, on the other hand, complains to the audience it's not fair that Henry's getting all the attention except him. So Peter decided to be horrid just like Henry.

The next morning, Mum announced that Great Aunt Greta's coming for tea although Henry was annoyed because she thinks he's a girl. Meanwhile, Peter wakes up and was ready to be horrid.

While he is horrid, he does five things:

  • First, he throws his pyjama shirt on the floor, not make his bed and throws the cover down. Mum came to his room, but she wasn't angry at him.
  • Second, Peter puts a cloth on the floor, but Henry kicks the basket down the stairs.
  • Third, he sprayed Henry with the hose while he was collecting slugs.
  • Dad saw the incident and blames it on Henry, saying he 'should've got out of the way when Peter was watering the flowers.' Henry told Dad it was Peter and he agreed, but Dad didn't believe him. Then Mum saw Henry all wet and told him to go have a bath. Henry told his little brother that he'll pay for what he did to him.
  • Fourth, Peter eats all of the chocolates that were meant for Great Aunt Greta and replaced them with the slugs Henry collected which Dad told him to take them to the backyard.
  • Meanwhile, Henry was in the bathtub and told the audience when he's king, no one will be allowed to be more horrid than me including his little brother. Then Peter sneakily takes Henry's towel away.

When Great Aunt Greta arrived, Peter puts a shovel of poo on the ground and she steps on it. Henry came down in his clean clothes when Mum tells him that his great aunt is here and asked him to be nice and not touch her chocolates.

In the living room, Henry founds that Peter put his slugs in the box and was almost impressed. Peter greets Great Aunt Greta asked her if she's smelly but she didn't understand and takes her to the living room. Although Henry decided he's not letting his brother get the credit for this so he hides his slug in his trousers but he giggles when the slugs started tickling him. Great Aunt Greta greets Henry but calls him 'Henrietta', which made him annoyed and kisses him in the face. Henry starts giggling again and Mum tells him to stop fidgeting while she gets some tea. Henry sits down, but he giggles three times. Great Aunt Greta asked him if he's okay, and he says, 'Yes!'. Peter gives Great Aunt Greta the box when she opened it, but it was empty. Mum grabs Henry just before he can make a run for it, but then his slugs went all over Great Aunt Greta and she runs away, and Dad waved goodbye to her.

Mum tells Henry off the most horrid thing he did and he thanks her, but Peter told her he's responsible for this. She then sends his big brother to his room and banned him from the TV all day. Henry told his little brother not to forget he's the horrid boy in the house. Mum hugs Peter and praises him so he decided to be perfect again. Peter carries a tray of kettle and cups to the kitchen when Henry puts a slug on the ground and he slips breaking everything getting him in trouble with Mum.

The episode ends with Peter crying while saying, 'It's not fair!', but Henry says, 'Nope, it's horrid!' and laughs.



  • This episode is one of the two where Perfect Peter's name is on the title card rather than Henry's. The next is Perfect Peter's Revenge.
  • In the end, Henry is making Peter drop the kettle and cups. It means it's his fault, not Peter.
  • The DVD version of this episode fixes two of the errors. The error where Mum's jumper is pink is fixed and so is the error where Henry's bedroom wall is purple.


There are currently 3 errors in the episode Perfect Peter's Horrid Day (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Mum scolds Henry for doing horrid things, she is wearing a dark pink jumper but in the next shot, she appears to wear her normal clothes.
  • When Henry says Great Aunt Greta thinks he is a girl, the wall is purple rather than yellow.
  • When Peter says, 'I'm going to be horrid!', his tongue is not connected to anything. It just sits in the air.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Henry and Peter's grandmother visits for tea. In the episode, Great Aunt Greta visits.
  • Henry doesn't collect slugs in the book and Peter doesn't spray him with the hose.
  • In the episode, Peter eats all the chocolates and replaces them with slugs. In the book, he just eats the chocolates he likes.
  • In the book, Peter washes up the dirty plates. Henry leaps out at Peter, making him drop them. In the episode, Peter takes a tray with the teapot and teacups to the kitchen. Henry puts a slug on the floor, which Peter slips on and drops the tray.


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