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Perfect Peter is Horrid Henry's younger brother and Mum and Dad's youngest son. Despite being his brother, Peter is almost the polar opposite of Henry. Peter is quite mature for his age; he exhibits ideal traits such as cleanliness, neatness, good manners, and high academic powers. However, he can be quite stupid and immature, believing Henry's odd stories with barely any question. He is the leader of the Best Boys Club.


Physical Appearance

Peter has curly blonde hair, pale skin, and rosy cheeks. He is 3 foot 7 inches tall.


He wears a brown jumper with a white shirt beneath, light brown trousers, and brown shoes.


He is quite mature for his age, but also quite naive. He is a telltale and he appears to like it whenever Henry gets into trouble.


  • His birthday is in January, as it is mentioned in Perfect Peter's Pirate Party that Henry's party was next month, and Henry's is in February. This means that Peter’s zodiac sign is either Capricorn or Aquarius.