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Pimply Paul is Prissy Polly's husband and Vomiting Vera's father. They got married in the episode Horrid Henry's Wedding. Paul dislikes Henry and calls him a brat or brat face, and Henry hates Paul because he is a sour puss. However, in the story Horrid Henry's Christmas Lunch, there is an image of Paul talking nicely to Henry.

He appears to hate everyone and everything, although this is not actually true as he loves his baby daughter, Vera, and would do anything for her, and he seems to like Peter as well. He is also genuinely in love with his wife. He later grows to really like Henry after Series 3. Paul works as a milkman which is revealed in Horrid Henry Delivers The Milk.

In Series 4, after the events in Horrid Henry Delivers The Milk, he no longer calls Henry a brat, discovers how much they have in common, and becomes his friend.

Wayne Forester voices him.


Physical appearance

Paul has brown hair, pale skin, spots, and a long nose.


He wears a white shirt, a green tie, and a red or blue jacket with a folded handkerchief in the pocket.


Paul seems to have evolved throughout the show. In Series 1 to 3, he appeared to be quite grumpy and hated everyone and everything equally, but this was likely as he was a teen when he married Polly, and he treated Henry awfully, but in Series 2 he and his wife are less abusive to Henry. In series 4 and 5, Paul and Henry developed a father-son relationship and discovered how much they have in common. Although he is rude and always in a bad mood, he is not as selfish and demanding as his wife.


  • Paul softened up from Series 4 onwards and became more of a friend to Henry than an enemy, similar to Dad.

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