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PinksheepyIsLeaving (commonly referred to as Pinksheepy, or simply just Sheepy; born September 13, 2006) is the pseudonym of an unidentified Canadian retired bureaucrat on the Horrid Henry Wiki.

He joined the wiki in December 2019, and went up to 1st place in the leaderboard in early 2020. He was the 'head' of the wiki, until his retirement, as he was, at a point, the most prominent editor and had many features of a boss.

On May 27, 2021, in the wake of a badge farming scandal, Pinksheepy announced that he would retire from the wiki on December 3, 2021, though he eventually semi-retired on July 5, 2021, due to family reasons. His proper retirement occured on December 5, 2021.

Whilst a very capable leader, he caused controversy over perceived badge farming, rigging the Monthly Achievement race to his advantage and his perceived overall rudeness. Despite the controversies, he was a significant figure in the wiki's rise to popularity in 2020; his effort and dedication to the wiki was a major factor of this.


Badge farming allegations

Despite his power on the wiki, Pinksheepy was heavily criticised for perceived badge farming, and for threatening to block other users who accuse him of this, when they are actually doing the thing that they're supposed to do. One of the first users who did this was TheSmoog78, who was constantly critical of him, and initially retired due to his badge farming. Following a huge scandal which was highly publicized on the wiki in May 2021, he announced his forthcoming retirement from the wiki.

Other controversies

Although his main controversies revolved around badge farming, Pinksheepy was also criticised for rudeness. He said that DonaldTheScottishTwinEngine was his enemy simply because he overtook him on the Monthly Achievement race leaderboard. He was heavily criticised for fixing the race so that he will win; he was accused of cancelling the race if anyone overtook him, and only keeping it going if he won.


On July 5th 2021, Pinksheepy forgot to edit that day meaning his daily edit streak for the only platinum badge on the wiki was broken. At 18:26 that same day, he did an infinite block on himself. Although, he still unblocked himself whenever he wanted to contribute, and was only semi-retired at that time. He fully retired on Dec 5th 2021, and did an infinite block on himself.


Pinksheepy leaves behind a huge legacy due to his influential editing and his major influence in helping the wiki grow. Argubaly the wiki's most significant figure in its 13-year history, Pinksheepy is a major influence on newer editors and moved the wiki out of its perceived messy state before he joined. His dedication was considered a major reason for the wiki's sudden popularity increase in 2020, and he was credited with bringing the WAM score up.