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Prissy Polly is Henry and Peter's eldest cousin. She appears to smile a lot. She marries Pimply Paul in the episode Horrid Henry's Wedding, and together, they have one child, a daughter, Vomiting Vera.

In the TV series, Joanna Ruiz voices her, and in Horrid Henry: The Movie, Kimberley Walsh plays her.


Physical appearance

Polly has medium-length blonde hair and pale skin, she also has pink cheeks under her eyes.


She wears a pink jumper, light blue bell-bottom jeans held up by a yellow buckle blue belt, a red necklace, and pink high heel pumps.


Polly is an incredibly spoiled, ditzy, nagging, and ungrateful woman child who wants everything to be her way, all the time, and throws a fit at even the slightest thing that throws it off. She usually appears smiling, giggling hysterically, and is not very bright. She acts like she is a child.

In the animated series, she appears to be more spoiled and childish than in the books and also have episodes of anger, usually around Henry. Polly and Henry both despise each other because of it. Strangely, even when she is outraged, she appears to be smiling and giggling.

When things don't go her way, she would even cry about it.


Episodes Appeared

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