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Rebecca Rancid (a.k.a. Rabid Rebecca, Rancid Rebecca, the Bogey Babysitter, or Miss Rancid) is a babysitter, and usually classified as the "toughest teen in town".

Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices her.


As a Character

Her debut appearance is in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter, being the main antagonist of the episode. She acts abusive to Henry and Peter all throughout the episode, until Henry discovers her fear of Spiders. In the end, Mum and Dad catch her abusing Henry, which causes Rebecca to run out.

Despite Mum and Dad saying they'd never let her babysit for them again, she appeared once again as Henry and Peter's babysitter in Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff, although she did run away screaming when she notices Mum and Dad's moustaches, caused by the perfume Peter and Henry made.

She made another minor role at the end of Horrid Henry's Haircut, where it was revealed she was training to be a hairdresser, causing Henry to scream Noooo!!!.

In Horrid Henry Alone at Home, she made another minor appearance when Mum called her to babysit Henry but refused.

Her second major role was in Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher, once again as the main antagonist, revealing she is training to be a teacher. She filled in for Miss Battle-Axe when she went on holiday, and was referred to as Miss Rancid, which reveals her full name as Rebecca Rancid. She ends up being terrible at her job, teaching absolutely nothing to the students. She also overcomes her fear of spiders, and so the students find it harder to try and find ways to get rid of her, but in the end she gets fired by Miss Oddbod when he tries to get Perfect Peter, after getting infuriated by the song Frere Jacques that Peter was singing. She ends up screaming Noooo!!! once Henry sings the song to annoy her.

She may have stopped training as a teacher due to the trouble she caused at Ashton Primary School.

As a Background Character

Rabid Rebecca has also been used as a background character, making appearances in crowd scenes.

She makes cameo appearances in Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend in the audience at the match and in Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats in the audience at Ed Banger's concert, where she is shocked when Henry steals the microphone and sings into it. In Horrid Henry's Big Breakfast, she watches Henry and his classmates singing on stage, which raises too many weird connotations.


Rabid Rebecca isn't called the toughest babysitter in town for nothing. She is nothing short of being extremely abusive and a bully to any child she sees. She is also quite bossy and bogey, and is really tough, with Henry's usual Babysitter ditching plans backfiring on him. She also breaks promises she makes with kids as well, due to the bullying power she has.

She is also revealed to be quite cowardly when it comes to spiders, which she later overcome, and especially when any grown-up - parent of teacher - catch her bullying younger kids.

Due to this personality, almost everyone hates her - especially Miss Oddbod, when she saw her chase Perfect Peter for a meaningless reason of him singing Frere Jacques.


Physical appearance

Physically, Rebecca is taller than all the kids, and she is very beefy. She appears to have a purple mullet and pale skin. She has a pointy nose, very large teeth (described by Henry as 'teeth the size of icebergs') which are always visible even when her mouth is shut, and large red lips.


She has green, round earrings, an orange buttoned shirt with a red-brown skirt, green stockings, and black toecap ankle boots.


  • In Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter, she appears to have arachnophobia, whereas in Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher, she isn't scared of spiders anymore, but she hates the song 'Frere Jacques' and gets annoyed whenever she hears someone singing or humming it.
  • In Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter, Henry describes her as 10 feet tall to the police, with teeth like icebergs.
  • She was previously studying to be a hairdresser, and when Mum hires her for Henry's haircut, Henry gets very scared as she sneers at him with scissors.
  • In Horrid Henry Alone At Home, she is one of the people who declined to babysit Henry.
  • She was the worst teacher Miss Oddbod has employed to her school since she hadn’t taught Henry's class anything the whole day which Brainy Brian complained about (she is worse than Mr Nerdon as he at least taught Henry's class different subjects in Horrid Henry and the New Teacher and cared about their knowledge and well-being, despite despising them) so her being fired was overall the right thing due to being much worse than just a strict teacher, as well as attempting to hurt Perfect Peter.
  • She is evidently the most abusive character in the whole series.
    • She could even be jailed for child abuse, even in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter's era, as her threats towards Henry and Peter technically violate the Child Protection Act 2006 (and all future ones too).


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