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Rich Aunt Ruby is Stuck-Up Steve's mother, the sister of Mum and Henry and Peter’s aunt. She is regarded as rich and often buys Steve expensive gifts for Christmas.

Her first appearance was a cameo in Horrid Henry's School Fair, and her first major appearance was in Horrid Henry's Christmas when she came to celebrate Christmas in Henry's house with Stuck-Up Steve. She also appears in Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Steve! and Horrid Henry's Happy Family. In Horrid Henry's Perfect Day, Ruby said at the fair, 'Henry was sick on my carpet!'.

She lives in a rather large old mansion with Steve. Horrid Henry sleeps in the attic when he comes over for the weekend in Horrid Henry's Haunted House.

She Is Richer and Beautiful.

Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices her.


Physical appearance

Aunt Ruby has burgundy-magenta hair and pale skin and also wears lip gloss and a necklace.


She wears a magenta suit, white shirt and magenta skirt in Horrid Henry.


She is known to be rich. She is often seen as quite grumpy at times, but is also polite when visiting other people's homes - in stark contrast to her son!


  • It's never revealed who Ruby's partner is, which implies her to be a single mother.
  • It's unknown how Ruby acquired her wealth, but it is possible that Ruby might have married a very wealthy man, possibly Steve’s father, but ended up getting a divorce from him, and Ruby claiming at least half of his money.
  • Ruby doesn't take Peter out for shopping like Henry in Horrid Henry and the Birthday Present as Peter is always organised, but Henry isn't as perfect as Peter. Despite this, she still does love Peter very much and is more than delighted to take him to places and knows how delighted he is to see her.
  • Although she isn’t overly fond of Henry, at times she can be nice to him such as saying yes to him watching the FA football match on TV, until Peter showed her a DVD called Hamster’s do the funniest things, which she prefers.

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