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I'm so rude!

Rude Ralph

Rude Ralph is Henry's best friend, former frenemy and a supporting deuteragonist. In Series 1, Ralph was more of a frenemy with Henry than a real friend. But in Series 2 - 5, Ralph become a loyal, true friend of Henry, and a deuteragonist. He is supposedly ill-mannered. On rare occasions, he appears to be Henry's enemy, although these are more or less just fallings out. Behaviour Rating: 4.

Aidan Cook voices him.


Physical appearance

Ralph has pale skin, a pointy nose, and brown hair.


He wears a red jacket with a zipper, white trousers, and black shoes. In Series 4, he sometimes wears a blue jacket.


Ralph's mother's first (and so far, first of two appearances) were in Horrid Henry's Sleepover. She appeared in Dad's flashback of unhappy parents calling him to pick Henry up after a disastrous night. She appears to be a strict parent. Her next appearance is Horrid Henry Gets the Message when Henry asks her where Ralph is but this time, she seems to be laidback.

Ralph's father then made an appearance in Horrid Henry and the Go-Kart to help his son build a go-kart for the big race. But like everyone apart from Henry, he crashed.

It seems that Ralph appears to have inherited more of his Dad's side than his mum's. Including his hair, looks and possibly his personality.

His grandfather, Wrinkly Ron, made appearances in these two episodes: Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang and Horrid Henry, Rockstar.

As there has been no mention or appearance of a sibling, Ralph is likely an only child.


Like Henry, Ralph is mischievous, rebellious, and has the personality of a 'bad boy'. He is very rude and rarely says please and thank you. Ralph enjoys eating ice cream and farting. He, like Henry, likes eating sweets. In the song Born To Be Rude, he says, 'Yo, what's up? Your old mate Ralph here! They call me Rude Ralph cause I was born to be rude!'. Unlike Henry, he doesn't seem to mind healthy food, as seen in Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream.

However, in Series 2, his personality appears to have mellowed. He makes more appearances in this series and develops more distinct traits from Henry.

While Henry certainly hates girls, Ralph doesn't seem to mind them that much, willing to chat with them, as shown in Horrid Henry and the School Uniform when he is talking to them about fashion, which sometimes gets him into trouble with Henry.

A major difference to Henry, who has a reputation of being horrid to the public, Ralph acts polite towards adults and hides his personality mostly from them.

Friendship With Henry

While in the 1st series, Ralph appeared to be a close friend of Henry's, but he was still quick to desert him several times, laughing at him along with the rest of the class whenever Henry was humiliated. This example is best displayed in Horrid Henry's Underpants when the two briefly became enemies when Henry pulled down Ralph's trousers down, along with Al and Bert.

In Series 2 and later, their friendship seems to be stronger, now best friends. They prove to have a strong bond and stand by each other. Ralph also seems to be defending Henry multiple times.

In Horrid Henry on Trial, Ralph was Henry's defendant, helping him win the case against Peter and Margaret.

In Horrid Henry Says Goodbye, he was the only one to visit him after Henry's ungrateful outburst at the farewell party at not getting a game for a present (and being yelled at by his parents after) and is the only to show any sign whatsoever of missing him. Surprisingly, Ralph would give Henry a bad present like something with a fimble in as they don't like shows that they think are babies.

Henry and Ralph can high five each other a lot, either as a greeting, goodbye, or (in Horrid Henry Says Goodbye's the case) farewell or before and after a trick/raid have been successful (or they think it has).

It was revealed in Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes that Ralph is the second-in-command of the Purple Hand Gang. Ralph is the only official member of the Purple Hand Gang who has never been fired, aside from Henry himself. Sometimes, Henry tricks him instead of being on his side.

Other Relationships


Ralph doesn't seem to like Peter until Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes where them and Henry work together to win the Talent show, also they were seen together in Horrid Henry, Ace Reporter when they had ideas for the paper about Henry which Henry wasn't impressed about. But their friendship gets quite close in Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph.

Talents And Skills

Ralph has demonstrated many skills throughout the series.

He plays the electric guitar in Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes, Horrid Henry, Rockstar and Horrid Henry, Rocking the World.

Rude Ralph in the Series 1-3 intro

He also displays slight intelligence when it comes to solving solutions and helping Henry out. Especially in the episodes, Horrid Henry Delivers a Message and Horrid Henry The Purple Hand Gang Rules O.K!.

He displays a great interest in fashion, hinting that he wants to design clothes when he's older, something that Henry couldn't believe in Horrid Henry, Ace Reporter.



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