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Series 2 is the second series in Horrid Henry. It was announced in December 2008 and began airing in February 2009.

Much like the previous series, Series 2 has received near-unanimous critical acclaim. It was particularly acclaimed for its tone, with episodes generally considered more exciting than the previous series, plus acclaim for its soundtrack, Henry's (somewhat) improved role model capabilities, and for the show's (somewhat) better influence on its audience. It's generally conflicted as to whether or not it surpassed the previous series for its quality, though despite the almost equal acclaim, its generally considered to be less of a cult classic than its predecessor.

Series 2 is the last series of the show to have episodes broadcast in SD.

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  1. Horrid Henry's Favourite Day
  2. Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover
  3. Horrid Henry's Hiccups
  4. Horrid Henry and the Alien Invasion
  5. Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog
  6. Horrid Henry Gets a Job
  7. Perfect Peter's Pen Pal
  8. Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster
  9. Horrid Henry and the Name Game
  10. Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Steve!
  11. Perfect Peter Pumps Up
  12. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant
  13. Horrid Henry's School Play
  14. Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD
  15. Perfect Peter, Popstar
  16. Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff
  17. Horrid Henry Goes Fishing
  18. Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service
  19. Horrid Henry's Heist
  20. Horrid Henry and the Big Dig
  21. Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream
  22. Horrid Henry and the School Uniform
  23. Horrid Henry's Secret Surprise
  24. Horrid Henry on TV
  25. Horrid Henry's House Party
  26. Horrid Henry's Happy Family
  27. Horrid Henry Cooks a Meal
  28. Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang
  29. Horrid Henry's Fun Run
  30. Horrid Henry's Winter Wish
  31. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Pirate Parade
  32. Horrid Henry Gets Married
  33. Horrid Henry Untouchable
  34. Horrid Henry and the Go Kart
  35. Horrid Henry and the Green Machine
  36. Horrid Henry's Summer Camp
  37. Horrid Henry: When I'm King
  38. Horrid Henry on Trial
  39. Horrid Henry Takes the Biscuit
  40. Horrid Henry's Haircut
  41. Horrid Henry, Ace Reporter
  42. Horrid Henry Changes a Nappy
  43. Horrid Henry Gets Spots
  44. Horrid Henry Says Goodbye
  45. Horrid Henry and the Gross Question
  46. Horrid Henry and the Birthday Present
  47. Horrid Henry and the Zombie Hamster
  48. Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut
  49. Horrid Henry and the Antiques Rogue Show
  50. Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats
  51. Horrid Henry Goes to the Movies
  52. Horrid Henry Meets B.B. Silver


  • Horrid Henry got into a lot of trouble in this series. For example, he:
    • Broke the bathtub along with Peter in Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover.
    • Came to dinner late in Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD.
    • Destroyed the electricity in Horrid Henry and the Green Machine.
    • Hated Ralph's gift in Horrid Henry Says Goodbye.
    • Embarrassed his dad in front of Ed Banger in Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats.
  • Horrid Henry and the Big Freeze Wheeze was also considered an episode but is no longer listed as one.