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Series 4 is the fourth series in Horrid Henry. It began airing in October 2014.

Series 4 received mixed reviews from critics, in contrast to the more positive reception of early seasons. Whilst episodes such as Horrid Henry's Comic Caper, Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat and Horrid Henry Tells the Truth were panned, episodes such as Horrid Henry's Birthday Bonanza were more positively reviewed. While critics were positive about the animation style, visuals and cinematography, criticism was directed at the show's tonal shift to a slower pace, which made the show very different from how it had been before. The major changes to Henry's personality polarised critics, with some calling his down-to-earth personality a much-needed change to the series, while others stated that it went against the show's theme.

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  • The intro is different.
  • New characters appear.
  • Ralph's new, blue jacket debuts.
  • Henry spends more time at school.
  • Mr Soggington despises Henry more.
  • Dad treats Henry a lot better from now on.
  • The credits and its music last slightly longer.
  • Henry is surprisingly less horrid, but if not, a bit behaved.
  • Henry becomes the newest member of the Detention Club.
  • When Henry has a 'Eureka' moment, his face movement is different.
  • Pimply Paul no longer calls Henry a 'brat' and appears to be friendlier.
  • Characters such as Slimy Sammy, Vicious Vicky and Nasty Nicola return.
  • Fluffy uses her tablet to change the scene from night to sunrise instead of the television remote.


  1. Horrid Henry's Comic Caper
  2. Horrid Henry Knows It All
  3. Horrid Henry Does His Homework
  4. Horrid Henry and the Horrid Hat
  5. Horrid Henry's Hit Song
  6. Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey
  7. Horrid Henry: I Am Not a Hamster
  8. Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar
  9. Horrid Henry and the Dangerous Data
  10. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Parents
  11. Horrid Henry and the Single Sock Saga
  12. Horrid Henry Tells the Truth
  13. Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone
  14. Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph
  15. Horrid Henry Eco Warrior
  16. Horrid Henry Gives It All Away
  17. Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules
  18. Horrid Henry's Marvellous Motto
  19. Horrid Henry's Daring Deed
  20. Horrid Henry Goes to School
  21. Horrid Henry Takes the Blame
  22. Horrid Henry and the Purple Pass
  23. Horrid Henry Meets Mr Tiddler
  24. Horrid Henry's Movie Moments
  25. Horrid Henry Hashtag Henry
  26. Horrid Henry Goes on Strike
  27. Moody Margaret for President
  28. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Panto
  29. Horrid Henry and the Catastrophic Cushion
  30. Horrid Henry's Birthday Bonanza
  31. Horrid Henry Helps Out
  32. Horrid Henry's Vile Vacation
  33. Horrid Henry's Mighty Mission
  34. Horrid Henry and the Game Changer
  35. Horrid Henry: Who's Who?
  36. Horrid Henry Good Morning Henry!
  37. Horrid Henry Gets the Message
  38. Horrid Henry Gets the Gig
  39. Horrid Henry and the Detention Club
  40. Horrid Henry and the Raid of the Century
  41. Horrid Henry and the Phantom Fish Filcher
  42. Horrid Henry and the Tongue Twisters
  43. Horrid Henry and the Number Gnomes Knowhow
  44. Horrid Henry is Too Cool for School
  45. Horrid Henry's Animal Antics
  46. Horrid Henry How to be Horrid
  47. Horrid Henry's Top Ten Things
  48. Horrid Henry Mixes It Up
  49. Horrid Henry and the Evil Mastermind
  50. Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical
  51. Horrid Henry's Big Breakfast
  52. Horrid Henry Looks At Love