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Series 5

Series 5 is the fifth series in Horrid Henry. It was confirmed on Novel Entertainment's website in March 2018 but was confirmed to have 42 episodes (10 episodes shorter than the other four seasons). The first three episodes premiered at a special viewing event in November 2018, before the episodes began streaming on Netflix in December 2018, before Nicktoons finally aired the episodes in April 2019. The fifth series was shown on Nicktoons (and was to be shown on CITV before they lost the rights to the series in January 2019).

Series 5 has received mixed reviews from critics, with many stating that it wasn't terrible but failed to improve on Series 4, with many suggesting that the show had run its course. The slower tone and changes to Henry's personality, which were introduced in Series 4 remained, and were criticised, but just like all other series of the show, the animation and cinematography were widely praised.

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  • Ms Tiddler and her dog's design have changed.
  • Stuck-Up Steve's casual clothes have changed.
  • In some episodes, the animation style is now in flash animation instead of hand-drawn. This is possibly due to budget cuts.
  • Whenever characters don't understand what a hard and new word means, it cuts to Brian in the school library explaining them in his dictionary.
  • All episodes were originally released of Netflix, with Nicktoons later airing them. CITV still co-owned the rights to the series when Series 5 started, but lost the rights to the series before they could air any of the episodes that had been released at that point (the episodes were first aired on Nicktoons on 5 April 2019, four months after the series had started).
  • After having already hated Henry more in Series 4, Mr Soggington's hate for Henry increased even more.
  • Henry spent more time quizzing the audience to fill in blanks, and somewhat playing games with the audience. He had previously broken the fourth wall before, but he hadn't properly played any mind games with the audience at that point.
  • Now, every title card always have 2 icons.


  1. Horrid Henry's Uber Homework
  2. Horrid Henry and the Lucky Thing
  3. Horrid Henry Mi Casa Es Tu Casa
  4. Horrid Henry's Magic Mayhem
  5. Horrid Henry and the Titanic TV
  6. Horrid Henry and the 3D Nightmare
  7. Horrid Henry's Class Action
  8. Horrid Henry: Silence is Golden
  9. Horrid Henry: Good Day Bad Day
  10. Horrid Henry and the Pet Show
  11. Horrid Henry and the Snotslimer Redemption
  12. Horrid Henry and the Germy Germ
  13. Horrid Henry: Eternal Schoolboy
  14. Horrid Henry: How to Be Good
  15. Horrid Henry: Planet of the Grapes
  16. Horrid Henry and the Marvellous Mindreader
  17. Horrid Henry and the Red Roof Gang
  18. Horrid Henry Open For Business
  19. Horrid Henry's Parents' Evening
  20. Horrid Henry's Teacher Talk
  21. Horrid Henry's Girl Talk
  22. Horrid Henry: King Henry the Ninth
  23. Horrid Henry and the Awful Author
  24. Horrid Henry and the Detention Diva
  25. Horrid Henry: Anything You Can Do
  26. Horrid Henry and the Funny Bunny Hop
  27. Horrid Henry My So Called Life
  28. Horrid Henry: The Road to Nowhere
  29. Horrid Henry Make Believe
  30. Horrid Henry Joins the Secret Club
  31. Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist
  32. Horrid Henry and the Jumper Jinx
  33. Horrid Henry's Double Trouble
  34. Horrid Henry and the Dream Drone
  35. Horrid Henry's Home Improvement
  36. Horrid Henry's Most Horrid Day Ever
  37. Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night
  38. Horrid Henry and the Hotel Horrid
  39. Horrid Henry Wins the Cup
  40. Horrid Henry: The Great Escape
  41. Horrid Henry and the Terrific Teenager
  42. Horrid Henry and the Measly Mascot


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