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Singing Soraya is a student in Miss Battle-Axe's class. As her name suggests, Soraya loves to sing and even sings most of her sentences to her friends. Singing is more than just a hobby or interest to her, and Soraya is musically gifted. She is a member of The Secret Club with Sour Susan, Moody Margaret, Gorgeous Gurinder and Lazy Linda. It was revealed by Moody Margaret that she is good at maths, despite not usually being noticed for her talent.

She usually sits next to Anxious Andrew.

Joanna Ruiz voices her.


Physical appearance

Soraya has brown hair parted into two small bunches and tan skin.


She wears a simple yellow shirt, light blue jeans, and orange and white shell-toe trainers.

Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats

She wears a gothic red costume, possibly representing a devil. She later wore this again in Horrid Henry's Heist and Horrid Henry Gets Spots.

Horrid Henry's Dance Class

She is in a ballet outfit, and later in a flower costume.


Soraya is a member of The Secret Club (Margaret announced her a junior member in Perfect Peter's Revenge) and a friend to all the girls. She is mostly friends with Gorgeous Gurinder since they are together a lot and just the two of them talk when seen in the background. 

Soraya and Andrew are friends as she was shown helping out Anxious Andrew during a brief time in Horrid Henry's Birthday. In Horrid Henry's School Fair, she was seen talking and eating with Rude Ralph. In Horrid Henry and the Perfect Panto, when they sang together, they looked at each other with smiles. 

Just like Gorgeous Gurinder, she may have some sort of friendship with Perfect Peter. She smiles at him when he says something happily and energetically as seen in, Horrid Henry's School Fair and Horrid Henry's Birthday. She probably thinks he is sweet and adorable because he is kind and happy a lot.  

She may be friends with other boys from the Purple Hand Gang as they aren't being as mean to her as they are to Moody Margaret and Sour Susan. 

She might have a crush on Gurinder as vaguely hinted a few times. Them being practically inseperable, them always being happy when the other is, being so comfortable they'll sleep on each other (Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night), that one time in Dance Class that they just stopped and stared at each other.

Soraya along with Linda and Gurinder is also friends with Horrid Henry, and doesn’t like to bully him, but rather just play pranks on him, which she sees as harmless and just funny.

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