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Sour Susan is Moody Margaret’s best friend who attends Ashton Primary School and is in Henry's class.

Although Susan and Margaret are best friends, like Henry and Ralph in early series, they sometime fall out and Susan isn’t afraid to disagree with Margaret. Behaviour Rating 6.

She had a fairly big role throughout Series 1, but she has become more of a secondary character from Series 2 onwards.

She sits next to Aerobic Al.

Joanna Ruiz voices her.


Physical appearance

Susan appears to have curly ginger coloured hair and pale skin. Her face is mostly puckered, like when you eat sour food.


She usually wears a lime coloured dress, with green trainers.


Sour Susan is rude, not the most clever, sassy and immature. But she can be kind, on some occasions, but is usually a bully, in order to offend her enemies as much as Margaret does.

Susan likes to copy Margaret by saying, 'yeah, [whatever Margaret said]' when Susan insults people (mainly boys) such as Horrid Henry, Rude Ralph or even Perfect Peter. She does have arguments with Moody Margaret. An example is in the episode Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend, where she tries to ask Moody Margaret, who she was going to take to the Ashton Athletics match, and Moody Margaret gave her the reply that she will take Susan, but in an annoyed voice.

Susan always moans at Margaret when she thinks Margaret is being selfish and unfair.

Episodes Appeared

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

  • Unfinished

Series 4

  • Unfinished

Series 5

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