Stuck-Up Steve


*Rich Aunt Ruby (mother)
First Appearance
Smug, selfish
Date of Birth
December 7, 2003
Homeschooled student
Perfect Peter (Sometimes)
Moody Margaret (Sometimes)

'Steven' Stuck-Up Steve is Horrid Henry's annoyingly rich but idiotic cousin who is very spoiled and hates his cousin, Henry. He is selfish and makes fun of less fortunate people. Sometimes, he has more in common with Henry than he thinks (picking on Peter) but sometimes he is more like Peter than he thinks (as Steve and Peter are both very smug). His mother is Rich Aunt Ruby, while nothing is known of his father.

Steve attended Brick House School for all rich kids along with Bossy Bill. After Brick House was closed down due to the headmaster's arrest, Steve and Bill have since became homeschooled.

In the books, Henry tricked Steve into thinking there was a monster under his bed and ate snails when Steve dared him. At Christmas in the TV series, Henry caught Steve's pajama trousers on something when he was asleep and it pulled his trousers off showing his naked bottom.

He is shown to be extremely greedy and gives Henry mediocre toys to play with, most of them which have outgrown.

His mother, Rich Aunt Ruby, buys him anything that he wants.

In Series 4, his personality changes as shown in Horrid Henry Good Morning as he sees Henry as a friend.


Steve wears a green or purple jersey, beige trousers and green shoes. He also has maroon hair in a coiffure.

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Steve in Horrid Henry: The Movie