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I say, OK yah, Henry? - Stuck-Up Steve
Silence, Worm! - Stuck-Up Steve

Stuck-Up Steve is the son of Rich Aunt Ruby and is Henry's and Peter's stingy, arrogant, spoiled and snobby rich older cousin who is very stuck-up and hates Henry. Sometimes, he has more in common with Henry than he thinks (by picking on Peter), but sometimes he is more like Peter than he lets on.

He disallows Henry to play with his toys in Henry's imagination in Horrid Henry's Haunted House, so Henry tricked Steve into thinking there was a monster under his king sized bed. In Horrid Henry Eats Out, Henry ate snails and tripe when Steve dared him to. In Horrid Henry's Christmas, Henry caught Steve's pyjama trousers on something when he was asleep, and it pulled his trousers off, showing his naked bottom.

In the early series, Steve and Moody Margaret seem to be friends as they are both Henry's enemies. However, because of school competition, he makes fun of Henry's school that Moody Margaret attends. She starts to get annoyed at him and their friendship deteriorates.

Steve attends Brick House School for all rich kids along with Bossy Bill.

Joanna Ruiz voices him.


Physical appearance

Steve appears to have pale skin and dark magenta hair.


He wears light yellow trousers and green shoes.

Series 1 to 4

He wears a light green jumper or sometimes a purple jumper.

Series 5

He always wears a purple jumper and wears a green jacket on top of that.


Steve appears to be extremely greedy and spoiled giving Henry anything mediocre, most of which he has outgrown, but not to be nice, to just make Henry jealous that Steve is so much richer than him. His mother, Rich Aunt Ruby, buys him anything that he wants because she is considered as 'rich', hence her name and loves to spoil him. However, Ruby will discipline Steve when he is naughty and when he embarrasses her. Steve is also snobby and selfish as he makes fun of people who are poorer than him as shown in Horrid Henry's Christmas when he exclaims says, 'What a dump!', while Henry's family were cleaning up. He is snobbish and one of Henry's arch enemies.


  • In Horrid Henry's Haunted House when Henry went near the well and Steve warns Henry to look out, it shows that Steve truly cares about Henry, and that he probably sees Henry as nothing but a petty nuisance.
  • In Horrid Henry's Class Action, it appears that Steve is 30% older than Henry.
  • Steve is possibly Moody Margaret's former love interest, as she seemed to develop feelings for him, but after he made fun of her school, she probably realised how they weren't suited for each other and she seems to have instead fallen in love with Horrid Henry.
  • Steve's birthday is proven to be in May because his birthday tea clashed with the FA Cup final, and the FA Cup final is always in May, therefore his zodiac sign is either Taurus or Gemini.
  • Stuck-Up Steve, like Moody Margaret, has a rich parent, although he tends to tease Henry since he hasn't got the rich things that Steve has himself, which Margaret doesn't really do. It is also worth noting that Margaret's parents are probably upper-middle class, and far less rich than Rich Aunt Ruby while Steve is clearly upper-class.
  • It is possible that Steve's teacher at school is Mr Nerdon (just like how Miss Battle-Axe is Henry's).


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