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🔀 This is the page for Steve's book counterpart, click here for his TV counterpart.

Stuck-Up Steve is Henry and Peter's older cousin. He is very snobby and stuck-up. His mother, Rich Aunt Ruby, buys him expensive presents for Christmas, which Henry helps himself to by swapping the labels.


Steve has pale skin, rosy cheeks and black hair. He wears a grey jacket and a white shirt.


Steve is very stuck-up and selfish and refuses to let Henry play with his toys. He is shown to be afraid of monsters when Henry tricks him into thinking there is a monster hiding under his bed.


  • In Horrid Henry's Horrid Weekend, Stuck-Up Steve invites Bossy Bill to his house which shows that Steve and Bill have a good friendship as well as going to the same school.
  • There is a theory regarding Steve's sexuality, with some noting his friendship with Bossy Bill as affectionate and hinting at possible homosexuality or bisexuality for Steve and he could be part of the LGBT community.