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The Brick House Boys (real names unknown) are students from Brick House School. They first appeared in Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut as the main antagonists. In the episode, they were supposed to run against Aerobic Al and Beefy Bert in the cross country race, but instead Horrid Henry and Rude Ralph when Al and Bert got hurt. When the race started, they ran very fast, but they must have got tired as they took a shortcut, but they didn't know Ralph and Henry were taking a shortcut too until Henry on the bus revealed that Brick House School is cheating too. Henry tricks the Brick House Boys into getting off the bus at the wrong stop. Later, the Brick House Boys are nearly at the school, but then Ralph knocks them over and crosses the finished line, and them losing the race. They appeared in Horrid Henry in Detention, having a football match against Henry's classmates and again Ashton defeated them. They later appeared in Series 5 in the episode Horrid Henry Wins the Cup and Horrid Henry and the Measly Mascot.

It's unknown whether they are friends with Bossy Bill as he goes to the same school as them but it’s a possibility because Stuck-Up Steve is friends with all of them.


Physical appearance

The left boy has yellow hair (later episodes changed to black hair) and the right boy has brown hair. They are both very muscular.


They wear orange sports uniforms wearing white shorts and black runners. In Series 5, the left boy wears a blue sports uniform.


The Brick House Boys were very competitive, and they acted in quite an aggressive way towards Henry and Ralph. They're also copycats as them and Steve teased Moody Margaret after copying everything Steve says. They are also not very clever, and can be quite silly, which is ironic as they were picked for the Brainbox of the year contest, but it is likely they were only picked as no one else was free, like the Ashton Adventurers.


  • In Series 5, they were taking part in Brain Box of the year contest with Stuck-Up Steve and appeared to be close friends with him. They were competing against Horrid Henry, Moody Margaret, Beefy Bert and Anxious Andrew who were the Ashton Adventurers.
  • Also, they are known to behave exactly like Sour Susan as he repeats a word of what Steve says in the later series but seem to be worse than her (as Margaret said because her and Henry think that they’re stupid).
  • Although being from the same school, the boys have different logos.
  • They seem to be athletic and on the football and cross country teams for their school.
  • It’s highly likely that their teacher at school is Mr Nerdon.


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