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The Secret Club is Moody Margaret's gang. Margaret sees them as being the better gang, compared to the Purple Hand Gang, her arch enemy Henry's club, even though there are more Purple Hand Gang members than the Secret Club.


There are five members in the group, and all of them are girls. Their ranks are:

Moody Margaret- Leader

Sour Susan- Second-In-Command(Deputy Head)

Lazy Linda- Chief spy and Head of secret missions

Singing Soraya- Biscuit bringer and spy

Gorgeous Gurinder- Biscuit bringer and spy

The Secret Club Members

Susan once betrayed Margaret in the book Horrid Henry's stinkbomb, after they had a big falling out, which resulted in Susan quitting at the same time as being fired, and was replaced by Lazy Linda. However, Linda ended up angering Margaret enough for her to get fired, and Margaret rehires Susan, unaware Susan joined forces with Henry after her resignation from the Secret club. In the books also, Susan is the only member of the secret club apart from its leader, but in the TV series, there is multiple, Susan being seen in the club doings the most. Lazy Linda, Singing Soraya and Gorgeous Gurinder are all in the gang on TV, and are all very good friends.


In the TV series, it is a treehouse in the tree in Margaret's back garden.


In the TV series, it is a black flag with a white skull and crossbones. This was errored in Horrid Henry and the Secret Club when Susan says, 'Let the battle commence.', the flag has a red circle where the crossbone is in the middle of it. It's the one that the Purple Hand Gang has in the books. It also seems familiar to a Pirate Flag.