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Tidy Ted is one of Perfect Peter's best friends who are in the Best Boys Club. He is very tidy and listens well to directions being told to him. Just like the others in the Best Boys Club, he is not very fond of Horrid Henry. He's in Miss Lovely's class, and is one of her favourite students.

Ted doesn't seem to like Margaret as she called him Tiny Ted, and as she was ignoring him. He also was a bit annoyed at Margaret when she was stalking Perfect Peter and gave him a hard time in Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules. But they did get along well in the detention club after Ted told Margaret, Linda, Henry and Al a story to keep them from being bored and getting into trouble. Behaviour rating: 8

Tamsin Heatley voices him.


Physical appearance

Ted has ginger hair and pale skin.


He wears a purple jumper, a blue tie and white shirt, trousers, and brown shoes.


Ted is a polite young boy who takes pride in his appearance. He also appears to be quite friendly in Horrid Henry and the Detention Club.


  • Ted is shown to have a big role in the Best Boys Club and he appears to be almost as confident as Peter compared to Gordon and Sam who are less confident than Ted.
  • Many get mixed up with 'his' gender. He is a male.
  • There is a fan theory that he is transgender. If this was the case, then he would be one of the few LGBT characters in the franchise, although this theory is unconfirmed.


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