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Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present is the thirty-seventh episode in Series 3.


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Horrid Henry: Dad, I need to ask you something very important.

Dad: (lowers his comic to see Henry) Yes, Henry?

Horrid Henry: Well, seeing that it's my birthday, can I have my present now?

Dad: Don't be ridiculous, Henry. It's not your birthday for ages.

Horrid Henry: Okay. Well, how about my Christmas present?

Dad: That's even further away.

Horrid Henry: But, I need it now!

Perfect Peter: If you really want something, you should save up for it. That's what I did, when I wanted the Number Gnomes Bumper Book of Numbers. I kept all my tooth fairy money in a jar, and...

Horrid Henry: No one else asks you, worm. You and your 'smelly nappy Number Gnomes' can mind their own business.

Dad: Well done, Henry. You've just made sure that you're not going to get any birthday presents.

Horrid Henry: What?

Dad: And, I'd have a good think about what you might not be getting for Christmas, too.


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