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Horrid Henry and the Perfect Parents is the tenth episode in Series 4.


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[Henry is sleeping in bed]

Perfect Peter: Mum says it's time to get up.

Henry: [continues to lie down with his eyes closed]

Perfect Peter: Mum says you have to get up now.

Perfect Peter: Mum says if you don't get up right away, you will never read another Gross Class Zero comic.

Mum: Never watch another TV program.

Perfect Peter: [Shakes Henry] I think she means it, Henry.

Horrid Henry: Alright, alright. [bangs his head then groans, then turns on loud music]

Mum: [turns off music] And you'll never, ever listen to the killer boy rats again.

[Henry groans]

Perfect Peter: Henry.

Horrid Henry: [sighs] what is it now?

Perfect Peter: Mum says she can't find her mobile phone.

Horrid Henry: What? Again?

[Mum and peter search]

Perfect Peter: Yuck!

Mum: Where is it, Henry?

Horrid Henry: Where's what?

Mum: The mobile.

Horrid Henry: [sighs] Tried the fridge?

Mum: Oh, don't be Horrid Henry.

[scene changes to Henry entering the kitchen]

Perfect Peter: Morning, Henry.

Horrid Henry: Morning.

Mum: Don't be horrid, Henry.

Horrid Henry: Peter's eaten all the Sweet Tweets.

Mum: Really? That box was only opened yesterday.

Perfect Peter: You can have some of mine, Henry.

Horrid Henry: No thank worm, too much milk.

Perfect Peter: Suit yourself.

Horrid Henry: This is all your fault, smelly nappy baby.

Perfect Peter: Why is it my fault?

Horrid Henry: Because you went shopping with Mum.

Perfect Peter: Because I'm a helpful...

Horrid Henry: Worm?

Perfect Peter: No, I...

Mum: Look what I found.

Horrid Henry: Ah, cool!

Mum: Is that my phone you've got there?

Horrid Henry: Oh, yes. Oops.

Mum: Thank you, Henry. I think.

Dad: Haven't you left for work, yet?

Mum: I'm leaving right now. (gives Dad her mobile, but found out she gave it to Dad. She sighs and swaps the mobile phone with the Sweet Tweets box) Thank you!

Dad: Oh. Right, then. Who wants cereal?

[Henry and Peter together] Me!

Perfect Peter: Oh, after you, Henry.

Dad: There's a good boy, Peter. Now, where did I put my tie?

[Henry and Peter fight over the box]

Horrid Henry: Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking another typical morning in the Henry household. And you'd be right. It is another typical morning in the Henry household. That's got me thinking. [takes the spoon and points it at his parents] I present to you my parents. It's fair to say that my parents are the reason why my life just isn't fair. Of course there's the wormy worm and old bogey brain next door and school and teachers and rude relatives and dogs that wee on your leg. And, well, I have a whole load of things that mean my life isn't fair. But my parents were here first. They're always on at me to be perfect, but let's face it. They're not exactly perfect, are they? Even when they're not wearing silly hats. Mum's always losing his phone, and Dad never knows where he's put his tie. So I thought I'd see what it was like having parents that were perfect. [clicks his fingers. Peter opens the Sweet Tweets box and pours it into his bowl, but Henry grabs the container of milk]


[Title card shows]


[Henry clicks his fingers]