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Hi, my name is Angrybirdsfan3421 and I am one of the Bureaucrat and admin in the Horrid Henry wiki. I am a fan of Horrid Henry. I'm here to edit plots, characters, and pages to make this wiki grow.

About me

Angrybirdsfans2358 is a user who likes Angry birds a long time ago his most favourite character is the Blues "Jay, Jim and Jake". I started watching Horrid Henry back in 2018 when I saw cartoon video called "Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Peter" in the Youtube Home page so I click on it and it was funny. Then I started watching the playlist of series 1 and it laughs me so hard my most favourite episode in Season 1 is Horrid Henry Goes Swimming. Then I decided to watch more Horrid Henry through watching series 2-4, later in 2019 I joined the Horrid Henry wiki in the 1st of July since there was no information on some of the episode plots and on character's page.



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