Horrid Henry Wiki

Taking a break from this wiki due to lost interest in Fandom

High point so far: Helping improve this wiki and making new friends

Low point so far: Partly provoking the 27 May scandal

Most suspicious activity: CoolCucumbers33 and his friend sending a face reveal only to reveal it to be fake eight months later

Least suspicious activity: You can't really think of just one, as there's thousands worth of contenders

Most suspicious user (non-vandal): Pinksheepy (badge farming), Linnyboy64 (disruption), MondayNights (false info) or all Zaptron accounts (unconfirmed trivia)

Least suspicious user: Jeorge535, MedievalVibes or OisinFan62

Middle: DonaldTheScottishTwinEngine, TheSmoog78, CoolCucumbers33 (was in least suspicious until his recent confession)

(can't comment about myself as it would be weird to just put myself in a category)