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Pre-UCP Masthead

I LIVE IN Ireland

I WAS BORN ON February 19

MY OCCUPATION IS Wiki editor (Fandom only), gamer

I AM A Human

BIO I like to edit on Fandom during my free time, I also like video games, such as those from the Final Fantasy Series, the Crash Bandicoot series, etc.


17 June 2020: Edited on this wiki for the first time as a one-off.

28 June 2021: Started editing regularly.

9 July 2021: Promoted to Discussion Moderator.

5 August 2021: Promoted to Admin.

26 August 2021: Promoted to Bureaucrat.

31 August 2021: Changed username from Storymode1 to MedievalVibes.

9 October 2021: Reached 1000 edits

23 November 2021: Decided to Remove all of my rights apart from rollback.

1 December 2021: Became a bureaucrat and admin again.

Current goals on this wiki

  • To finish more episode and book plots.
  • Add more character pages.
  • To get better photos for character pages
  • Fix transcript style
  • Add the alt template to distinguish the book and TV series characters
  • And more