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The number of times my user page got vandalized: 10/10 times. My page has been raided 10 times, so i have to lock my user page.

oh heyo, you may have noticed me. right? i'll try to be active on here, on a tablet i don't edit often


Hey guys! I am OisinFan62. I was born in 19 December 2007, and I am a male 14-year old. Oh, and I'm a bureaucrat and admin in this wiki! I am here to edit plots, summaries, transcripts, and more to help the wiki grow. I may not be extremely active here.

When I've Watched Horrid Henry Before...

At 2018-ish, I have watched Horrid Henry a LOT of times, and it is the best Novel Entertainment show, ever.

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My Favorite Episodes

About Me

Alright, let me get this straight. At first, I didn't like Horrid Henry because it was boring. However, 3 years later, I started watching it. I think my best episode I watched when I was little was Moody Margaret, Superstar.

Since I'm really active, I make a whopping 463.54 edits per month! At 10 October 2020, I have joined this wiki for the very first time. I made my first edit in 24 December 2020.

Oh wow I've made 3,000 edits!

However, there are 520 categories that some pages are unfinished. 465 out of 446 pages, or 104.26% left to completion have a 'H' category. There seems to be 171 transcripts missing, making it 68.4% of the transcripts missing. Me, Suxwhxhwz, and MedievalVibes are currently adding the 'H' & 'Unfinished Pages' category. If these categories AREN'T ADDED, we add the categories into the pages.

About the Episodes Without a Character List Category

Angrybirdsfan3421 and Jeorge are adding the character lists in episode pages. There are 34 / 250 episode pages that don't have a character list. So, I click 'Random Page. If there isn't a character list, I immediately add it. If the category number is zero, that means there's a character list in all 250 episodes.

The Rules About Editing My User Page

  • Make some true edits so I can check there's no bad grammar.
  • Please no vandal edits AT ALL TIMES.
  • No reverting/undoing my edits unless it's false information.