Vomiting Vera is the daughter of Prissy Polly and Pimply Paul. She's always vomiting on everything and everyone. As Polly is Horrid Henry's cousin, it's subsequently assumed that Vera is Henry's first cousin once removed. She wears a pink dress with pink tights and a bow. She likes Henry and Peter and they both like her. She’s a bit younger than Lisping Lily.

Vera first appeared in Horrid Henry's Car Journey, where Henry's family arrived intentionally to attend Vera's christening, though later discovered that they had prepared one week early. Vera later appears in Horrid Henry's Christmas Lunch, where many of Henry's relatives spend Christmas with his family. In another episode she went missing and took Mum's phone. Everyone panicked but Henry took action and looked around he put his hand in a puddle of vomit. He then saw more and then he saw Vera hiding under the table. They found Vera and Henry and Polly said she would make Henry her Godfather, but Vera said "Go away," and pulled down the table. It's also revealed in this episode she has a talent at video games, and this is the first episode Vera speaks in. She appears in several other episodes as well. She is 2 years old.
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Vomiting Vera in Horrid Henry the movie.

Vera even appeared Horrid Henry: The Movie. She is played by Lily Demetriou Ottaway & Sasha Demetriou Ottaway.